Jan 27 2012 Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the Teachers & Writers Collaborative blog, where you’ll find discussions, insights, and reflections from the T&W community.

Our blog will feature lesson plans for teaching the craft of writing to children and adults in schools and communities; student writers’ poetry and prose; sample articles from Teachers & Writers Magazine, a print quarterly that’s winner of 10 Educational Press Awards for Excellence; T&W news and events; writing prompts, Haiku interviews, and a compelling history of T&W’s early writers such as June Jordan, Kenneth Koch, Anne Sexton, Herbert Kohl, and many others.

And who knows what else? Like all good writing projects, our blog is a living experiment.

As part of the T&W community, we encourage you to read, comment, read, respond, write a few lines of poetry, start your next book project, learn some great teaching ideas and expand upon them as you see fit for your own writing practice, for your students, or your writing group. We look forward to hearing from you!

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