Nov 28 2012 A Letter from the T&W Staff


Let There be Joy

by Gabrielle

Instead of soil
let there be an amusement park
Instead of sadness
let there be joy
Instead of depression
let there be a big heart
instead of darkness
let there be a tower to Planka
Instead of broken glass
let there be tall trees to the moon
Instead of hollow ground
Let there be an elevator to
the clouds
Instead of disappointment
Let there be my great grandma
looking at me from the sky


A Letter from the T&W Staff

Teachers & Writers Collaborative is grateful to the individuals and institutions whose generosity makes our programs and publications possible. Recent supporters of our work include the following.

• New York Community Trust, which awarded $100,000 to fund T&W creative writing programs in science and social studies classes at 13 middle schools across the five boroughs.
• E.H.A. Foundation, whose $90,000 grant will fund programs for gifted and talented students through June 2014.
• Bloomberg Philanthropies, which is supporting continued development of T&W's digital resources, including a digital archive of material from the organization's 45 years of print publications, with a $75,000 grant.
• Rockefeller Brothers Fund, which gave $50,000 to fund technology upgrades, including new phone and computer systems for the T&W office.
• ING Financial Services, which funds poetry programs for first- through third-graders at PS 111 in the Clinton neighborhood of Manhattan.
• Lily Auchincloss Foundation, the Simon and Eve Colin Foundation, and the Lotos Foundation are supporting programs related to the new T&W children's book, A Poem as Big as New York City, including poetry-writing workshops at public libraries.
• Wells Fargo and the Charles Lawrence Keith and Clara Miller Foundation have provided funds to support college application essay writing programs at four high schools in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens.

In addition to gifts from institutional donors, we rely on the commitment of individuals who believe in our mission and who support T&W's work by making donations, by subscribing to Teachers & Writers Magazine, or by becoming a T&W member.

Please show your commitment to literary arts education by joining T&W or subscribing to the magazine at

To make a tax-deductible contribution to T&W, go to, or mail your check to:

Teachers & Writers Collaborative
520 8th Ave, Ste 2020
New York, NY 10018

To schedule a visit to a T&W program or to discuss other ways that you can support our work, please contact T&W Director Amy Swauger (, 212-691-6590).

To read more poems like Gabrielle's, go to

Thank you, and happy holidays!

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