Genres Fiction Writing

Deep Revision

A Guide for Teachers, Students, and Other Writers

By Meredith Sue Willis 192 pp.

Grades: all ages
$16.95 paperback

If you or your students dread the process of revision, this book will prove transformative. Deep Revision covers topics such as: revision as a natural process, learning to revise by editing other people’s writing, changing media to revise, and revising nonfiction with fiction techniques. Meredith Sue Willis offers a wide array of specific revision exercises for fiction and nonfiction. “Hundreds of ideas on how to enjoy the work of making writing fresher, richer, and more authentic.”—Kliatt

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ISBN 0-915924-41-2

Personal Fiction Writing

A Guide to Writing from Real Life for Teachers, Students, & Writers

By Meredith Sue Willis revised second edition 248 pp.

Grades: all ages
$18.95 paperback

Personal Fiction Writing treats the writing of fiction as a natural process that anyone can do with pleasure. The book includes more than 400 writing assignments based on such essential topics as: describing place, people, and action; writing dialogues and monologues; and developing structure. Each chapter has numerous examples by student and adult writers. For this edition, Willis has added a new chapter, “Shaping Longer Works.” “A terrific resource for the classroom teacher as well as the novice writer.”—Harvard Educational Review

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ISBN 0-915924-62-5

Sweet Illusions

A Young Adult Novel

By Walter Dean Myers 146 pp.

Grades: elementary school, middle school, high school
$9.95 paperback

Sweet Illusions is unusual. It can be used in two different ways. Students can read it as they read any narrative, or they can help to create the story. Walter Dean Myers, the well-known author of many young adult novels, presents a story of young people facing the problem of teenage pregnancy. As an additional twist, the reader is given a writing idea for extending each chapter.

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Teaching & Writing Popular Fiction

Horror, Adventure, Mystery, & Romance in the Classroom

By Karen Hubert 236 pp.

Grades: kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school
$15.95 paperback

Popular fiction can play an instrumental role in the classroom. This fascinating guide provides ways to help K-12 students write using the popular literature they know and love. “A remarkable book…consistently intelligent, truly interesting…. Even a beginning teacher will be able to use the genre approach with this book.”—Language Arts

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ISBN 0-915924-04-8