Other T&W Workshops

T&W partners with other organizations to offer writing workshops for young people and adults. Current and recent T&W programs include:

Writing workshops can be tailored for the needs and interests of any age group, including intergenerational programs, and in a variety of genres, including:

  • Poetry
  • Memoir
  • Essay Writing
  • College application essay writing
  • Drama/Playwriting
  • Fiction
  • Spoken Word
  • Journalism

For more information about partnering with T&W to provide writing workshops for your organization, please call 212-691-6590 or e-mail workshops@twc.org.


  • Most 90-minute to two-hour T&W writing workshops cost $400 per day. If you represent a community-based organization that serves economically-disadvantaged populations, please contact T&W to discuss fees.
  • For workshops longer than two hours, including full-day sessions, or for workshops to be conducted outside NYC, please call 212-691-6590 or e-mail workshops@twc.org for pricing information.