Professional Development

T&W provides professional development workshops on teaching creative writing in the genre of your choice, with specific student populations (e.g., bilingual, special needs, etc.), and/or in a cross-curricular context. Workshops are led by a T&W writer and tailored to your school’s needs. For example, a session could focus on anything from strategies to increase students’ writing stamina to helping students utilize poetry techniques to develop essays. Workshops may also focus on working creatively to help students achieve the Common Core Learning Standards. Our professional development workshops offer:

  • Hands-on writing exercises that immerse workshop participants in the process of writing.
  • Concrete and creative strategies, solutions, and lessons that teachers can take directly into their classrooms.

For more information, please call 212-691-6590 or e-mail

Cost & Benefits

T&W Program Costs: A T&W 2-hour professional development workshop costs $750. Each additional hour costs $200.

Benefits of T&W Professional Development Workshops: As part of T&W’s professional development workshops, all participating teachers receive a complimentary copy of a T&W book on the teaching of writing appropriate to the population of the teachers’ students and the literary genre covered during the workshop.