School Based Residencies

During a T&W writing residency, students come to think of themselves as writers. Most T&W workshops begin with students reading and discussing the work of contemporary and classic writers. Through these activities, students learn literary elements and techniques that they are then asked to use in their own creative writing—guided by a writing prompt assigned by the T&W writer. At the end of most T&W programs, students work with the writer to revise their work, which T&W publishes in an anthology.

T&W provides writing programs for K-12 students of all ages and backgrounds, including:

  • Elementary school (K-5)
  • Middle school (6-8)
  • High school (9-12)
  • At-risk (dropout prevention)
  • Gifted and talented
  • English language learners
  • Special education (in stand-alone District 75 schools/classes and mainstreamed classrooms)
  • Children with conditions on the autism spectrum

T&W programs help students develop creative and imaginative skills, increased motivation and skills in reading, and an improved ability to express their experiences and ideas in writing. Our writers-in-residence are backed by T&W’s 45 years of expertise in teaching writing. A T&W writer at your school can draw on the experience of T&W’s team of more than 50 writers who are also experienced teachers, and on the innovative, time-tested ideas in T&W’s publications and archives.

Programs are available both during regular class time and out-of-school time. Schools can select programs in a variety of genres, including:

  • Poetry, fiction, and playwriting
  • Literary and personal essays
  • Memoir and journal writing
  • Content-area writing (e.g. social studies, history, the sciences)
  • Expository writing (e.g. persuasive essays, argumentative essays)
  • College application essay writing
  • Journalism

To learn more or to bring a T&W program to your school, please contact T&W at 212-691-6590

Program Fees and Benefits: Effective November 1, 2014





10 days (2- to 5-periods/day)


11 or more days

Contact T&W

*Cost includes a planning meeting and teaching dates. The additional cost for programs that culminate with an anthology publication ranges from $280 to $680, depending on the genre and number of classes in the program. Please contact T&W for total program costs, including an anthology publication.

 1-2 hours: $405 per day
 3-4 hours: $505 per day

**Out-of-school-time prices include initial planning and celebration day. Contact T&W for anthology costs. 


 2-hour workshop: $760

Each additional hour: $200

*** Every T&W PD includes one relevant T&W publication for each participating educator. T&W PDs must be conducted in conjunction with a student program.



  1. Please contact T&W at 212-691-6590 or to set up a program or to discuss fees for programs lasting 21 days or more.
  2. T&W has a Student Support Services contract with the Department of Education (DOE); our contract number is QR898AD. T&W’s DOE vendor number is TEA002000.


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